Sunday, 18 February 2007

Schifanoia N.O. Gallery

Schifanoia, a solo exhibition by A Constructed World, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa.

Schifanoia is an ambulant exhibition of installations, paintings, videos and performances presented at N.O.Gallery and in four Milanese apartments. The exhibition in the gallery includes two new multiples produced with N.O. Gallery and the installation Schifanoia. The four apartments feature the work of A Constructed World, privately ‘consumed’, transforming the four Milanese hosts into cultural producers. Rather than interventions these partnerships function as audience performances. These projects look towards a greater freedom to encounter contemporary art in a more direct and spontaneous manner. What we know without-knowing?

installation Schifanoia (paper room) 2007
ink jet prints on paper, 2.5x3x2m

La casa di Giovanna Giannattasio

Il Contratto Sociale 2007
event with 91 participants

The Via Matteo Bandello apartment will host The Social Contract. The viewer is invited to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement and enter this apartment. After leaving the viewer is bound not to discuss what they saw in the apartment.

…the authors:
I know they secretly drank wine
And publicly preached water.
Peter Sloterdijk quoting Heinrich Heine

The Social Contract is a work that asks for an audience to make some awareness of their own production. We are familiar with an art world that bases its confidence on authenticity, signature and spectatorship, yet the work of the audience is largely about showing how works of art function as distinct from what they depict. The audience must decide how Martin Creed’s turning the lights on and off in the Turner Prize is different to what they do at home. Money, science and technology have been directed towards finding out if art works are authentic. Celebrated artworks, including traditional ones, often deceive us and that remains their fascination. Duchamp’s urinal, dripping abstract paint, Manzoni’s merde, Pop Art, all refer to what we already knew in our ongoing lives. Everybody knows. Yet we are often told to attend to the fact that the wider public will be shocked and won’t-understand-about-art. Very often an artist will avow that they don’t know why they made a work, or what it means. It’s clear that we are already sharing something that has not yet been decided. But how can this be? Maybe it is the audience that is disingenuous too? It is up to each member of the audience to decide and measure their own honesty and authenticity with regard to this event and exhibition. The real work will continue on, often in indecision, and is performed by those who came to look.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

La casa di Michela Moro e Alan Journo

Leviathan and the Mirror Man 2007
video installation and performance

Ecstatic Torino 2004
dvd 3'30"

Sincere (death dance) 2006
dvd loop

cakes by Alan Journo and Michela Moro

Friday, 16 February 2007

La casa di Claudio Ades

Car Fire 2005
burnt car

Il mondo II 2004
burnt plastic globe

Corporate Geography 2003
synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 122x152cm

back Where there's smoke there's a smoker 2005
dvd 14'
front Costracted World Plate 2006/7
melamine plate, plate stand, glue, pigment, diam 21 cm

Itt that cannot be known 2005
alklyd resin on canvas

Sex and death paintings 2005
two paintings, alkyd resin on canvas, 170x190cm and 170x194cm

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

La casa di Maurizia Vila

Pea and Shell 2006
dvd 6'40" with live sound performance for the event by Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato

paitings from the Fresh History Painting series 2000-2003
synthetic polymer paint on canvas, each 122x152cm


Ilaria Bonacossa & Jacqueline Riva

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


Jacqueline Riva + Geoff Lowe iniziano a lavorare come A Constructed World nel 1993. Il loro lavoro è stato esposto in numerose biennali tra cui quella di Tirana, di Saõ Paulo, di Gwangju e di Emergency Biennale, e in mostre quali Art all’Arte, San Gimignano, Art Music>rock pop techno, MCA Sydney e Transmission, Villa Arson Nice. Il Guggenheim Museum New York e Bilbao li hanno invitati a partecipare a forums, sono stati I primi artisti ad inaugurare l’ artists-in-residence alla Serpentine Gallery di London. Prossime mostre personali includono l’ Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne, il cneai= di Chatou e CAPC Musée Bordeaux.